Virtual Chorus

Friends sings

3rd - 12th Graders


Virtual Chorus Instructions

Anyone in 3rd - 12th grades can join us for our virtual chorus.  Click the link to get started!

1. Listen to the song.

2. Learn the words until they are almost memorized.

3. Use a pair of earbuds/headphones! (Don't skip this)

4. Video yourself singing while listening to the recordings included on the webpage.  (If you use a different recording or no recording your voice won't be included in the final performance.  Your words must match the words on the recording so they can fit in with the other performers.)

5. Do the countdown in your video!  Show me 3,2,1 clap!

6. Check your recording: Are you smiling? Make sure we can only hear your voice!  

7. Email your recording to Mrs. Hommez:


Other fun ways to participate:
Send a video of yourself dancing to the song.
Send a picture of your original artwork.
Send a picture of yourself smiling/posing.
Send a picture of yourself with a positive message.
Maybe you can think of something else and email me!